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Fascial Stretch Therapy


What is Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST™)?


FST™ is a full-body pain-free assisted stretch system that works with the joints and fascia (connective tissue) throughout the body. FST™ is one of the most efficient and relaxing ways to reduce pain in the body and improve your ability to move in activities of daily living. 


This is a hands-on manual service provided by Sarah who completed the intensive training with the Stretch To Win Institute in 2019. 


Single Session: $95+HST 

4 Sessions: $360+HST ($90/session)

8 Sessions: $680+HST ($85/session)


Email to book

Benefits of FST™ Include: 

  • Increased Range of Motion for Optimal Flexibility 

  • Muscular Balance & Symmetry 

  • Joint Traction & Decompression 

  • Reduced Joint and Muscle Pain 

  • Reduced Risk Of Injury

  • Improved Circulation 

  • Improved Lymphatic Drain 

  • Improved Quality of Sleep 

  • Stress Relief and Relaxation

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