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Yoga for Desk Workers


8 Week Program
April 6 - May 25, 2023 

This 8-week program will use yoga to address & improve common injuries we experience from being seated or working at a computer and help reduce stress.


These issues may include:

  • Neck Tension/Pain

  • Shoulder Tension/Pain

  • Tight Forearms

  • Weak/Sore Wrists

  • Hip Tension/Pain

  • Low Back Pain

  • Lacking Core Strength

  • Work-related Stress

Program includes: 


Taught by an expert yoga instructor with experience in functional movement, biomechanics & alignment.

Thursdays 5:30-6:30PM (April 6 - May 25, 2023)

Instructor can provide modifications to help customize the program to your specific needs. A survey will be sent prior to the start of your program to ask for your goals, injuries and what you're looking to achieve.


​Available In-Studio OR Virtual

*Only 5 in-studio program spots are available

Equipment needed:

- Yoga Mat

- Yoga Strap 

- Small Ball (tennis ball, lacrosse ball, yoga ball)

- Blocks are recommended 



I took the "Yoga for Desk Workers" program and was really impressed with the instructors and the class as a whole. I was even able to do the class in my office during lunch hour! The instructors showed us how to alleviate common issues and taught stretches and easy things that you can do while sitting at your desk. Overall an excellent program!

— Carla C.

Program Testimonials

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