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Personal Training

Work 1 on 1 with Sarah or Chelsey, movement specialists to help you move optimally and pain-free. Scroll down to view trainer availability.


Benefits of personal training:

  • Personalized custom program based on your current activity level, injuries, and goals 

  • Exercise technique correction and demonstration 

  • Exercise accountability 

  • An encouraging and supportive coach

  • Set realistic goals and have measures in place to track progress 

  • Establish lifelong health and exercise habits 

  • Help train for an event 


"Amanda's Mobility training has given me better movement in my joints. My knees are more stable, I have better flexibility in my hips, allowing me to walk better, get off the floor easier, and flexibility exercises that challenge me I'm getting closer to achieving. Amanda is very good at assessing what is causing blockage in your movement and adapting exercises to challenge you, but not overwhelm you, while moving you forward with your goals"

— Eleanor

Client Testimonials


Chelsey Soverall (she/her)

Personal Trainer and Instructor

Accepting early-morning clients 6:30/7:30AM

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Sarah Turkstra (she/her)

Owner/Head Personal Trainer, Instructor and Fascial Stretch Therapist

Accepting clients Wednesdays & Thursdays 9AM-1PM

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Amanda Reaney(they/them)

Personal Trainer and Instructor

Accepting Clients Tuesdays & Thursdays 5-8PM

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